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An online portfolio is essential for every reporter and is simple to create with Journo Portfolio. Use our platform designed to showcase your journalism in a powerful way that will get editors excited to hire you.

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We make it easy.

Simply copy the URL of your online articles to populate your portfolio in minutes. And with our Free plan it doesn't have to cost you a thing.

Showcase not just your writing, but your photography and videos too all in one place with the ability to import your work in any format: from YouTube to Vimeo; from SoundCloud to Spotify.

Design your portfolio for maximum impact with the help of our sleek sections and themes. Monitor the traffic to your website with in-built analytics that allow you to see who is viewing your site.

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Instant updates.

Link your portfolio to a publication and we will automatically import the articles to your portfolio when they are published.

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Find followers.

Our subscription feature allows your followers to receive updates when you add new articles making it easier to get your best work out there.

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Saved offline.

Never lose an article again. We can create screenshot backups of all your articles so it will be available if it is taken offline.

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Host your blog.

Publish blogs directly on your portfolio so there is always something new for visitors to see on your website.

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Security options.

Optional password protection can restrict access to part or all of your portfolio and keep it hidden from search engines.

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Funcionalidades principais.

É rápido para começar com Journo Portfolio mas também está repleto de recursos para ajudá-lo a levar as coisas para o próximo nível.

Feito com Journo Portfolio

April Lloyd

Freelance journalist, sports producer and radio journalist. Fellow and Editorial Assistant for JournoResources. Get in touch if you …

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Clemmie Millbank

I write for titles including Stylist, The Independent and MadeforMums. I specialise in women's lifestyle, culture, travel, weddings …

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Digital Content Writer

About me: I'm an ambitious writer with six years of experience in journalism, SEO strategy, and blog writing. …

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Lisa Alvarado is an editor, copywriter, poet, novelist, and journalist. She has provided marketing and content creation copy …

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Coleman Hamstead

Freelance writer/journalist with a focus on sport and esports

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Jordan Tyler Quinn Farkas

Your new go-to content creator.

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Hana Oktavia Anandira

Hana Oktavia Anandira is an Indonesian journalist whose works focus on feature articles with themes surrounding arts, culture …

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Michael Bodhi Green - Writer/Storyteller

I am a freelance writer living in Tempe, Arizona.

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