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This page showcases a selection of beautifully designed and functional author portfolio websites. These examples provide inspiration and guidance for authors looking to create their own professional online presence.

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mayson taylor

I'm an Undergraduate student at High Point University, studying English with a minor in Advertising, Public Relations, and Strategic Communications. This is just where I keep all of my work, …

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Cassidy Slockett

Native English Content Marketing Specialist

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Sanskrita Bharadwaj

Sanskrita is an independent journalist reporting on social justice, human rights, politics, culture, and occasionally on health and environment. She is based in Guwahati, Assam.

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Andreas Schack

Journalist & Content Writer

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Rosetta Communications

Rosetta Communication is owned and operated by Ryan Ottney.Ryan is an award-winning professional writer and editor with experience in journalism, communications, social media, education, health, comic books and entertainment.

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Darren Paltrowitz

Award-Winning Writer, Editor, Author, Podcaster & Host. "Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz" airs weekly on 30+ TV stations and digital outlets, plus all key podcast carriers. Covering entertainment, food, travel, wine, …

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Do authors need an online portfolio?

Yes, authors should have a portfolio. It is a great asset to have when applying for jobs and pitching stories to publishers. It should include a selection of your best work, samples of your writing, and a list of any awards or recognition you have received. Having a portfolio also allows potential employers to get a better idea of your writing style, topic expertise, and range of topics. A portfolio can also demonstrate your knowledge of the publishing industry and the ability to market yourself as an author.

What is an author portfolio?

An author portfolio is a collection of an author's work that showcases their skills, experience and qualifications. It is typically used to demonstrate an author's credentials to potential employers or clients. A portfolio may include examples of published work, clips from magazines or newspapers, book reviews, awards or other recognition, and any other information that demonstrates an author's abilities. A well-crafted author portfolio can help an author stand out from the competition and secure more writing opportunities.

What should a writer's portfolio include?

A writer's portfolio should include samples of their work, such as published articles, blog posts, or creative writing. It should also include a resume, a list of any awards or honors received, and any professional memberships or affiliations. A portfolio should also include a brief bio, including a summary of your experience, education, and any other relevant information.

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I host my digital portfolio on @journoportfolio because they automatically create a back-up pdf of my work. Super important because stuff in the online world does just disappear sometimes.

— Jessica Michael (@thejessmichael) November 17, 2022

Re-did my writing portfolio quick with @journoportfolio (emphasis on quick) and it's much better than what I was using before. Super simple to set up and the design looks awesome.

— Ben Sailer (@bensailer) September 30, 2020

Highly recommend @journoportfolio for any of you budding young journalists who want to assemble an online portfolio.

— James Mayer (@JamesMayer) September 24, 2020

@journoportfolio is easier and cheaper than squarespace, i'm happy with it

— Hope Henderson (@hoperhenderson) October 20, 2022

My portfolio/blog got a major upgrade! I love how my articles and blog posts are on display with this website! built with @journoportfolio

— Abby Wojcik (@iamabbyn21) September 25, 2020

Are you looking to showcase journalistic work? I like @journoportfolio.

— Mark Yarm (@markyarm) September 25, 2020

I use @journoportfolio and I love it! I find it the easiest to customize

— Stephanie Nieves (@wordchefsteph) August 31, 2022