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Elizabeth Jaeger

•Out here working to support my dog and my coffee addiction.•Experienced copywriter, copy editor, and content manager. •Lover ...

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Fredric Hamber

Raised in Napa and San Francisco. I write about offbeat travel, men's lifestyle, and interesting people with idiosyncratic ...

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Especialidades: Travel

katie armenta

I am a middle school student.

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Meagan Dobson

Nice to meet you. My name is Meagan Dobson. I am passionate about building the future. I have ...

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Angeline Puranen

Freelance writer, blogger, scientist, programmer, artist, creator, night-dreamer, day-executor, problem solver, and most of all a knowledge seeker.

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Katie Lam

Katie Lam has completed a postgraduate degree in Journalism at the University of Hong Kong. Prior to it, ...

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Lucía Vásquez

Periodista y productora audiovisual

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Shane Ireland

A driven and enthusiastic multimedia sports journalist with regional and national newspaper experience keen to gain a foothold ...

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Habilidades: Video Editor, Reporter, Blogger
Especialidades: Sports

Chermaine Lee

Having no guilt in spending time on social media, Chermaine Lee likes to write content in a lifestyle ...

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Especialidades: Social Media, Lifestyle

Andrea More

Andrea More is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer looking for work in entertainment writing, content development and comedy/television ...

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Especialidades: News, Features, Entertainment

Jessica Sparks

Jessica Sparks is an assistant professor of journalism at Savannah State University and freelance journalist located in Bluffton, ...

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Krixia Subingsubing

"You're miserable, edgy and tired. You're in the perfect mood for journalism." - Warren Ellis

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Habilidades: Feature Writer, Copywriter
Especialidades: Journalism

Arlette Bax

Professional Communicator

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Jorden Roper

Copywriter by day. Musician by night. Lover of language and the Oxford comma 24/7.

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Habilidades: Copywriter
Especialidades: Music

Rosângela Rodrigues

Redatora Web.Cursando Pedagogia pela Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie; Técnico em Publicidade e Propaganda pelo Senac e Inglês pela Cultura ...

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Denitsa Dimova

20 years old Journalism student in Birmingham City University from Bulgaria Writing for birminghameastside.com Also interesed in Photography ...

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Especialidades: Journalism

Pamela Salas Leibur

This portfolio consists mainly of fragments of poetic prose and found poetry, but i dabble in original poetry ...

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Allison Lanthrum

I'm an empathetic listener and strategic thinker, offering an international background in non-profit, higher education, and government administrations. ...

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Brit Tea

Brit Tea is an American Author and Freelance Writer based in Atlanta, GA. A free spirited soul who ...

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Habilidades: Reporter, Editor, Blogger
Especialidades: News, Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Entertainment

Rebecca O'Keeffe

My passion for the written word knows no bounds. I write about everything, but my true passion lies ...

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: Fashion

Michelle Barrow

SEO Writer | Digital Marketer |Data-Driven Wordsmith

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Gabriel Cavacalcanti

Hello! I'm Gabriel, a freelance video gamz journalizts from Northeast Brazil. I make up my lack of degrees ...

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