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Channing Smith Portfolio

Channing Smith

University of Wisconsin- Madison

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Habilidades: Reporter, Photographer, Illustrator, Feature Writer, Editor, Designer
Especialidades: Social Media, Journalism, Culture, Art
Anaelys Trochez Portfolio

Anaelys Trochez

Senior mass communication major • News reporter • Writer • Reader • Learner

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Habilidades: Reporter, Poetry, Photographer, Creative Writing, Blogger
Especialidades: Social Media, Journalism, Features, Education, Culture
Pablo Rodero Portfolio

Pablo Rodero

Trabajo en la sección de reportajes del periódico 20 Minutos en Madrid y, en los últimos años, he …

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Habilidades: Translator, Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Politics, News, Journalism, Environment, Education, Culture
Jessica Whitty Portfolio

Jessica Whitty

Broadcast journalist at PRIME7 News Formerly, print and online journalist.

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Habilidades: Reporter, Feature Writer, Broadcaster
Especialidades: Travel, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Features, Education, Business
Kevin Ridder Portfolio

Kevin Ridder

Associate Editor of The Appalachian Voice in Boone, North Carolina

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Habilidades: Reporter, Proofreader, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor
Especialidades: Technology, Science, News, Music, Journalism, Features, Environment
Marissa Mahoney Portfolio

Marissa Mahoney

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Habilidades: Video Editor, Sub-editor, Reporter, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor, Designer, Copywriter
Especialidades: Social Media, Politics, Journalism, Features
Alyssa Fisher Portfolio

Alyssa Fisher

I cover an assortment of matters—art, entertainment, health, beauty, food, businesses and profiles—while soaking up the South Florida …

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Habilidades: Reporter, Feature Writer
Especialidades: Social Media, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Features, Fashion, Entertainment, Culture, Art
Leanna First-Arai Portfolio

Outros Exemplos

Jenni Reid

I'm a London-based journalist with experience in news reporting, social media management, video/audio production and editing. Most recently …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: Travel, News, Film

Nick Reilly

My name is Nick Reilly and I am a writer/editor. My experience includes research and reporting for Newsweek, …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: News, Film

Ifeoluwa Adedeji

I enjoy writing about homes & interiors, architecture & design, lifestyle, travel & entertainment. My work has appeared …

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Habilidades: Translator, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Especialidades: Travel, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Entertainment

Abbie Lahmers

An editor based in Rhode Island specializing in local dining and lifestyle content, I also have a background …

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Habilidades: Proofreader, Editor, Designer, Copywriter
Especialidades: Lifestyle, Food, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Art

Robin Hartill

Florida-based personal finance writer, editor and advice columnist. Lover of well-placed em dashes and white space. Slayer of …

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Habilidades: Editor

Sheryl E. Taylor

A native Texan with an affinity for stringing words together to tell a story began in elementary school. …

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Habilidades: Editor

Wendy Villalobos

I am a writer and editor based in Denver, CO with more than 6 years of experience.

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Habilidades: Editor

J. Todd Foster

J. Todd Foster is a veteran, award-winning journalist who, as a writer, has comforted the afflicted and afflicted …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: News

Maryann LoRusso

San Francisco-based journalist, writer and editor with more than two decades of experience covering fashion, culture and lifestyle.

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: Lifestyle, Fashion, Culture

Jordan Love

Jordan Love is a writer, editor and fan of stories in all shapes and sizes. He worked as …

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Habilidades: Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Technology, Sports, Social Media, News, Food, Entertainment, Culture

Kayla Lokeinsky

Director of Sales and Marketing at Sweetwater Branch InnBlogger - The Happy FloridianVP of Gainesville Influencers Previously: Page …

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Habilidades: Reporter, Proofreader, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor, Designer
Especialidades: Sports, Social Media, News, Journalism

Jynn Schubert

Ms. Schubert is a focused journalist successful in developing both breaking news articles and investigative pieces. Her journey …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: News, Art

Jesus Trivino

Jesús Triviño is an authority on Latino pop culture. He is a Webby-nominated content creator, who has covered …

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Habilidades: Reporter, Editor
Especialidades: News, Music, Film, Entertainment, Culture

James Waddell

Freelance writer and early modernist. Winner of Benjamin Franklin House Literary Prize and Art Fund Writing Competition. Words …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: Social Media, News

Jenny Southan

Award-winning freelance travel journalist, and editor and founder of Globetrender, an online magazine and travel trend forecasting agency

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Habilidades: Photographer, Editor
Especialidades: Travel, Features, Business

Nicole Groessel

Nicole has a demonstrated history of creating and polishing marketing and advertising content for some of the biggest …

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Habilidades: Editor

Trevor Thieme

Editor, Writer, Producer

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Habilidades: Editor

Michael Behrenhausen

Seasoned Denver-based copywriter and editor, as well as a designer and musicianspecializing in marketing copywriting/editing, layout design and …

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Habilidades: Editor, Designer, Copywriter
Especialidades: Music

Jonathan Dodds

Multimedia journalist and content editor for Johnston Press in Derbyshire. Titles include Buxton Advertiser, Matlock Mercury, Belper News …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: News

Amy Keller

Freelance writer, editor and award-winning investigative journalist. As a writer and a Registered Nurse, I have a special …

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Habilidades: Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Technology, Science, Politics, News, Journalism, Health, Business

Cheryl Diaz

"Content is King". Whether you're a large corporation, a publication, a small business, a personal brand, or a …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: Politics, News, Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Culture


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