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The Times is a British daily national newspaper, first published in London in 1785 under the title The Daily Universal Register. The Times and its sister paper The Sunday Times (founded in 1821) are published by Times Newspapers.

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Stefan Vasilev

Writer, predominantly about sports.

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Especialidades: Sports

Norman Miller

I'm an award-winning UK-based writer for outlets including The Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times Travel Magazine and …

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Amy Hawkins

Selected writings (mostly about China).

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Harriet Marsden

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Habilidades: Sub-editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Social Media, Politics, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Film, Features, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Art

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Ian Brown: When the wild rose grows

WHILE MANY A MAN’S reputation precedes him, Ian Brown’s has virtually had its own career. As frontman of one of the most influential bands of all time, the Stone Roses, he was called the saviour of a generation but became a laughing stock when his band split acrimoniously in 1996. Since then his disinclination to do interviews seems to have served only as proof that he is the original sullen Mancunian, a media-hater still bitter about the demise of the Roses, an ageing star living on past glori
By Siobhan Grogan
The Times