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Jordan Dunn Portfolio

Jordan Dunn

Writer, Content Designer, and Digital Artist

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Habilidades: Designer
Especialidades: Art
Jessica Whitty Portfolio

Jessica Whitty

JournalistSpecialising in property, business and real estate.

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Habilidades: Reporter, Feature Writer, Broadcaster
Especialidades: Travel, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Features
Channing Smith Portfolio

Channing Smith

University of Wisconsin- Madison

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Habilidades: Reporter, Photographer, Illustrator, Feature Writer, Editor, Designer
Especialidades: Social Media, Journalism, Culture, Art
Fatama Zohora Portfolio

Fatama Zohora

Small Country Girl. Loves Coffee and Cats. Writes online for living.She writes content from marketing perspective and does …

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Habilidades: Proofreader, Feature Writer, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Social Media, Science, News, Music, Lifestyle, Health, Food, Film, Features, Fashion, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Art
Mechelle Little Portfolio

Mechelle Little

Freelance Writer | Communication Management

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Habilidades: Translator, Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Sports, Social Media, Journalism, Health, Features, Environment, Education, Culture, Business, Art
Megan Scavo Portfolio

Megan Scavo

Documenting history.

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Habilidades: Video Editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Photographer, Illustrator, Feature Writer, Editor, Designer, Copywriter, Broadcaster, Blogger
Especialidades: Sports, Social Media, Politics, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Features, Fashion, Environment, Entertainment, Art
Murjani Rawls Portfolio

Murjani Rawls

Author, freelance writer, and photographer Email: murjani@murjanirawls.com

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Habilidades: Reporter, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Blogger
Especialidades: Sports, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Film, Entertainment, Culture
Marissa Mahoney Portfolio

Marissa Mahoney

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Habilidades: Video Editor, Sub-editor, Reporter, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor, Designer, Copywriter
Especialidades: Social Media, Politics, Journalism, Features

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Michael Irvine

My Marketing Portfolio

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Ashley Lauretta

Ashley Lauretta is a freelance writer and editor based in Austin, Texas. She is a member of the …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: Sports, Health

Ramin Zahed

I am an entertainment journalist/author, specializing in animation, vfx, pop culture and indie films. I worked as a …

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Habilidades: Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor
Especialidades: Technology, Film, Entertainment, Culture

Marion Williams-Bennett

A freelance writer, blogger and PR professional with over 20 years of experience using words to move people …

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Habilidades: Blogger

Nick Reilly

My name is Nick Reilly and I am a writer/editor. My experience includes research and reporting for Newsweek, …

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Habilidades: Editor
Especialidades: News, Film

Hidde Boersma

Award-winning freelance science journalist, essayist and documentary film maker, with a focus on agriculture, biotechnology, ecomodernism en bio-ethics. …

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Habilidades: Feature Writer
Especialidades: Technology, Journalism, Environment

Matt Scott

I am an award-winning multimedia journalist and editor specialising in data-led journalism covering the business and finance sectors. …

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Habilidades: Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Especialidades: Technology, News, Journalism, Features, Business

Miriam Malek

Journalist since 2014. I write about dance music, underground culture, & Middle East politics/energy. Bylines at Crack Magazine, …

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Andrew Masterson

I've been a journalist for 30 years, writing for papers and magazines. I write mainly science, tech, arts …

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Especialidades: Music, Art

Joanne DeCaro

Writer. Photographer. Storyteller.

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Habilidades: Photographer

Emily Kaiser

Digital producer, journalist, writer. emilymkaiser@gmail.com

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