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Chinara Nurmammadova

I am 29 years old and I am from Baku. I graduated my bachelor degree from the faculty …

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Kristen Kois

Hello, I am a Writer and Illustrator based in the Los Angeles area, though I grew up in …

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Guilherme Carrara

Estudante de jornalismo em São Paulo. Fora do jornalismo trabalhei majoritariamente com Videomaking, fotografia e produções visuais. Sou …

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Elana Williams

Word nerd. Writer/Researcher.

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Catherine Giugno

Writer, daydreamer, and idealist. I make worlds in my head and people to live in them. Twitter: @CatherineGiugno

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Santiago Rodríguez

Mi nombre es Santiago. Me gusta verme como un tercio publicista, un tercio de marketero y otro tercio …

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Patrick Bawn

I am an NCTJ-accredited journalist and double Masters graduate (MSc/MA) from Brighton.

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Habilidades: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Technology, Sports, Social Media, Science, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Film, Features, Entertainment

Robyn LM White

Robyn is a writer with professional training from the top journalism school in London. Her skills range from …

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Thai Le

Hi my name is Thai Le! I'm a senior at Alameda High and I'm in my third year …

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Sarah Maharani

I am a 21 years old motivated individual with an experience of being an intern in The Ministry …

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Sarah J. Rueppel

Copywriter by day, Blogger by night. Photographer and Unabashed Nail Polish Collector, too.

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Habilidades: Photographer, Copywriter, Blogger

Samuel Ketcham

Copywriter, songwriter, and creative person.

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Habilidades: Reporter, Poetry, Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Copywriter
Especialidades: Social Media, Music, Journalism, Food, Entertainment, Culture, Art

Mary Renick

Writer and graphic designer interested in learning and being a "wearer of many hats".

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Habilidades: Designer

John Bush

John Bush is a freelance gaming journalist who chose the path of the nerd early in life, and …

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Hilda Ayejimiwo

Communication is my passion. I love what I do and I do it well. I am a strategic …

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Kaela Skabelund

I was born in Mesa, AZ and I've lived there my whole life. Growing up I quickly found …

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Erik Adams

Journalism student, worker and writer who's also learning to shoot film. Living and working in the San Gabriel …

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Farren Durost

I’m an aspiring writer, photo journalist, blogger, and designer by passion and accounting professional and photographer by trades, …

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William Kucinski

Writer with digital content experience in science, technology, and education domains within the public, non-profit, and government sectors

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Clare Fitzgerald

Spotlight & Pulse Editor for TenEighty UK | Founder of Stories of the Unsolved | Formerly with CultNoise …

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Marina Pitassi

I create moments that show companies care. With experience developing campaign ideas, messaging strategies, and purposeful communications across …

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Zurabi Mamagulashvili

My name is Zura and I want to be a film director, I already did my first film …

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Thea Sokolowski

Storyteller, content marketer, MBA, global citizen. I've worked for agencies, startups and incubators. I've lived in Africa, Europe …

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Especialidades: Health, Business, Art

Paul Emery

I am British, retired from the IT industry, now living in Spain. I am educated to Masters level …

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Chioma Abiaka

Creative Copywriter: Social Media, Email, Blog Posts, Ad Copywriting

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Habilidades: Copywriter
Especialidades: Technology, Social Media, Music, Entertainment, Business

Luca Portella

Estudante de jornalismo da Cásper Líbero com vontade de passar por novas experiências pessoais e profissionais

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Kayla Sharpe

I am an Army wife of 15 years, a mother to 7 small children, and am passionate about …

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Habilidades: Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Blogger
Especialidades: Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Features, Education

Jennifer Hartmann

Jennifer Hartmann, jornalista e mestra em Sociologia Política pela Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

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Nathalie Van Laer

Een 24-jarige masterstudente Journalistiek, met een hart voor talen en lezen.

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Caroline McGillivray

Caroline McGillivraySophomore Business FellowAccounting and French Manjors

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Andika Pratama

Andika Pratama Journalist and Senior Editor

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Kate Maxwell

Kate Maxwell is a Junior at NC State University majoring in Political Science with a double minor in …

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pooja das

I love reading blogs. Writing blogs is my passion. Always looking for new opportunities to share my knowledge …

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Vanessa De La Rosa

Conscientious and detail-oriented writer. Bilingual. Experienced in analyzing and interpreting complex texts and writing for online copy. Meticulous …

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Nurul Diah

I am a third year English Program Student. An Active student college in many activities on campus. Experienced …

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Habilidades: Translator, Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Copywriter
Especialidades: Social Media, News, Journalism

Egi Maharani

A creative write and journalist with more than 10 years of professional experience in media. My works specialist …

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Alice Sales

Jornalista, graduada pelo Centro Universitário Estácio do Ceará (2017). Atualmente é repórter voluntária da Agência de Conteúdo Eco …

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Catherine Elliott

I am a skilled professional Copywriter and Editor that has experience in a wide range of industries including …

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