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Liezl Dunuan

The right to write

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radhika banka

An out-an-out empath. Coffee- and tea-lover. Responsible worker, quick learner. Writer at heart, reader in mind.

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Fatma Elgamal

Passionate artist that only uses ink to draw words of dreams فنان شغوف يرسم كلمات الأحلام بالحبر

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Mie Francine Chiba

Journalist and computing scientist. Economy and technology reporter. Introvert and focused. Loves cats and pilates

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Hannah DeMarco

Writer, photographer, and professor. Former European wannabe, current Philly resident. Fan of hot sauce, the smell of old …

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Habilidades: Photographer

Luisa Rubinstein

Luisa Rubinstein is presently taking a course in Journalism at Pasadena City College. She is planning to get …

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osama Abdelrahman

Freelance writer ,Designer and World wide traveler !My passion is to write about : Cinema, books and traveling …

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Fakhri Hadi Pridianto

Born in August 11th 1992 as a second child of two brothers with parents who worked in services …

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Habilidades: Video Editor, Editor, Creative Writing, Copywriter
Especialidades: Social Media, Journalism, Business

Maria Giannuzzi

I am a writer based in Connecticut. I have written non-fiction and one-act plays, some published and produced. …

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Erin Christie

My name is Erin Christie. This is my e-Portfolio for PACE399.

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Rachel Cagle

Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm a writer who loves to use my work to take readers to the places …

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Habilidades: Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Food, Features, Entertainment, Business

Adeline Yeo

I'm Adeline from Singapore. This is my freelance writer portfolio site. A Diploma in English Language and Literature …

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Alice Teodorescu

Communications professional and academic researcher with a keen understanding of trans- and cross-cultural environments, teams and organizations.

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Hannah Westall

Aspiring television screenwriter, lover of comedy.

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Aidari Riera

My name is Aidarí. I am a broadcast journalism student at the University of Central Florida with a …

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Habilidades: Video Editor, Translator, Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Broadcaster
Especialidades: News, Journalism

Rahardan Apriadji

I observe, conceptualize, and develop content.

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Taylor Manning

Content writer, ghostwriter, and editor based in Newport Beach, California.

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Habilidades: Feature Writer, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Business

e somes

I write. I tell stories... evoking images that usually make humans smirk, smile or laugh out loud.

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Allison Hackman

Writer│Editor│Traveler│Poet Clear, concise, compelling.

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Kenneth Jones

Ken is a legal technology leader who has been fortunate to work with outstanding professionals to deliver best-in-class …

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Dayane Teodoro

Dayane Teodoro graduou-se em Jornalismo pelo FIAM - FAAM Centro Universitário no final do ano de 2019. Realizou …

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Megan McDermott

I am freelance writer based in San Francisco, an unstoppable force that devotes time and energy to the …

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Especialidades: Art

Kumari Tilakawardane

I'm a writer based in the UK. I'll write about pretty much anything, but I've got experience in …

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Elena Manighetti

I live, work and travel on a sailing boat with my husband Ryan. I write for a living, …

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jessica tonks

I started as a multimedia artist, I studied fine art, textiles, photography, pottery/ceramics, graphics and interior design. From …

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Jason Carson Wilson

Jason Carson Wilson is a Washington, D.C. based freelance journalist and writer. Wilson has served as a staff …

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Ornella Rusciano

I am a Social Media Specialist and Content Producer living in Berlin, with a passion for marketing, technology …

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Connor Lee

My name is Connor and I'm an 8th grader in Illinois. My passion is sports, reading, and video …

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Steven Bushong

I'm a J-school graduate turned communications professional. My passion is writing; my occupation is writing with strategy. My …

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Jornalista | Redatora Web | Marketing de Conteúdo | Assessora de Imprensa

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Habilidades: Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Copywriter
Especialidades: Technology, Social Media, Politics, Journalism, Environment, Education, Culture, Business

Adrian Fizgerald

A 7th semester student. Enjoy writing for daily living article.

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Cory Spanier

knowledge leadercontent managerwriter

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Matt Petersen

I have nearly 15 years of experience writing and editing stories and other marketing content for Wycliffe Bible …

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Habilidades: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Especialidades: Features

Kyle Stackpole

Research, report, write, repeat. I'm currently a breaking news freelancer for Land of 10 looking for full-time employment …

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Rachel Logan

Thank you for taking the time to look on my profile! Here you'll find a combination of journalism …

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Jeffrey Henebury

Writer, editor, and storyteller. More writing samples available upon request.

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Danielle Clark

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm a Vancouver-based marketing professional with a passion for social media and digital marketing.

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Especialidades: Social Media

Palak Sekhon

When I was 14, I tried learning the piano for the first time. It was just plain curiosity, …

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Megan Otto

Writer and editor with a non-profit focus. I’m passionate about the arts, the environment, and improving life for …

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Simon Mamdouh

I am AnaSemon Mamdouh Alfy I graduated from Mass Media and communication from Must .I adore writing and …

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