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Amanda Goveia

Hi my name is Amanda Goveia, Graduating class of 2018! I'm from Mesa AZ, born and raised. I ...

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Jessica Wragg

22 year old fiction writer and journalist. Currently studying a part time Creative Writing MA degree whilst working ...

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Especialidades: Art

Dan M

A Boston native dedicated to creating engaging content through well-crafted, visual writing. Able to leap tall curbs in ...

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MaryAnn Koontz

Freelance Writer Please enjoy browsing through some samples of my writing. Click on the title or picture to ...

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Faye Fajardo

I can do anything, hold my coffee

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lindsay tallman

I am currently enrolled at Georgia College, seeking a B.A. in history. I enjoy writing and researching about ...

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Especialidades: Politics, Culture, Art

Ben Murray

Writer and editor

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Habilidades: Editor

Katrina Williams

I am passionate about writing with the intent of making connections to and with my fellow human beings. ...

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Quintin James

Hello my name is Quintin James. I am an up and coming writer who just graduated from college ...

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ali danish

Content Writer, Blogger and Poet

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Habilidades: Blogger

Patricia Collette

Copywriter, Editor, Creative and Digital Marketer

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Luísa Haas da Silva

Estudante de Jornalismo pela Universidade Federal de Santa Maria e repórter na Agência da Hora- UFSM. Com experiência ...

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Aleesia Hatcher

Hi!! My name is Aleesia Hatcher. I am currently a junior at the University of Central Florida with ...

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Leticia Solano

Meu nome é Letícia Solano, tenho 22 anos e sou acadêmica em jornalismo. Neste portfólio irão encontrar alguns ...

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Jordan Mckay

Recent communications graduate and current freelance content creator. I have the ability to write in a variety of ...

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Marco Rigobelli

Contar histórias - factuais e ficcionais - é minha razão de ser.

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Habilidades: Translator, Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Technology, Science, Journalism, Film, Entertainment, Culture, Art

Emily Lincke

I aim to be a voice for those without one, and to serve with integrity as a member ...

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Habilidades: Reporter, Proofreader, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Travel, Social Media, Politics, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Features, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Art

George Kondoleon

Temple University graduate with a passion for sportswriting. I've written features for multiple basketball sites, as well as ...

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Matthew Devitt

Freelance Copywriter Australia & GermanyBorn in the beautiful land down under, I now call Bavaria my home.What do ...

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Habilidades: Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Technology, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Film, Fashion, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Business

Tracie Gipson

As a 20-year writing veteran, I produce effective content for clients in industries that span healthcare, fashion, automotive, ...

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Habilidades: Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Especialidades: Social Media, News, Health

Jairus Popp

jairus.d.popp@gmail.comAustin based videographer, photographer, drone pilot, and writer.

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Especialidades: Journalism, Film

Jasyanthri Nadaraja

Writing is what I do best. Writing is what I am passionate about. But I have worn other ...

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Karen Girard

Content strategist. Editor. Writer. Researcher. Problem solver. Incurably curious.

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Habilidades: Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter
Especialidades: Technology, Science, Health, Education, Business