Free Ways to Market Your Writing Services

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Free Ways to Market Your Writing Services

One of the many great things about freelance writing is that business expenses can be kept pretty low. When it comes to marketing, sure, you could invest in fancy printed fliers, slick business cards, and catchy Facebook ads… but who’s got the budget for that?

Marketing your services as a freelance writer doesn’t have to increase your expenses. I’ve put together a few ideas for finding clients that won’t cost you any money.

Join a few Facebook groups

Facebook groups are helpful for sharing your expertise and finding potential new clients. Search for groups of business owners in your local area or in your niche. You’re essentially looking for any groups where your ideal clients are hanging out. Now, the trick to Facebook groups is not brandishing your services every chance you get (in fact, most group administrators have rules against that), but being as helpful as you can. Answer any questions you can, give feedback, and generally be a friendly person. You’ll become known for your expertise and in turn, potential clients will come looking for you.

Be active on a couple of social networks

Now, you’ll notice I didn’t say all social media networks. Trying to be active on too many social networks will spread you too thin and you probably won’t end up being successful with any of them. Instead, pick two or three of your favourite networks and focus your efforts there. For example, I love Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for finding new clients, so I focus on those three. I use on groups on Facebook, tweet about current projects and services on Twitter, and connect with other business owners on LinkedIn. Once you’ve decided which networks you want to focus on, post and interact often to connect with those who might benefit from your writing services.

Reach out to your family and friends

Writers often overlook the vast network within closest reach - our family and friends! Make a few phone calls and send some text messages and emails to let everyone know that you’re freelance writing now and would appreciate if everyone spread the word. Chances are, there’s a handful of business owners, bloggers, and maybe even an editor or two within your extended network who you could be introduced to.

Create a writing portfolio and show it off

In order to get hired for writing jobs, you’ll need to have a great looking portfolio. Fortunately, Journo Portfolio offers a free portfolio that looks great, is fully customizable, and is super easy to use! Once you’ve got your Journo Portfolio set up, be sure to update it regularly. Every time you have a new blog post or article published, add it to your writing portfolio. Potential clients will love seeing your newest and best work, and will be more likely to offer you a writing project.

By leveraging social media, the network of people around you, and Journo Portfolio, you can market your services for free. The only thing you’ll have to invest is a bit of time, but it will be well worth it when you’ve got a steady stream of clients and projects coming in. Pair these tips with a few free marketing tools, and you’ll be in good shape.

Robyn Petrik is a freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada, and specializes in writing blog posts and social media content for creative small businesses. Along with writing, she also spends time painting on her iPad, reading, hiking, and eating too much peanut butter. You can learn more about Robyn at and connect with her on Twitter.

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